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Let us be part of your special occasion and help you create that one-of-a-kind event you've been envisioning. It doesn't matter whether it's small or large. Family or corporate. A dreamy Hamptons wedding, casual welcome party, or relaxed farewell brunch. Our team will take care or every little detail so you can fully enjoy those special moments with your loved ones.


Nestled in gently rolling hills and overlooking the Shinnecock Bay, The Hampton Maid is a charming, all-inclusive venue with focus on small weddings, elopements, and intimate wedding experiences.

Every couple is treated with individualized approach from the very beginning. No two weddings are the same, which is something we always keep in mind. That is why we have created packages that are fully customizable and why we let you decide what is the best for your special day. With limited number of events per year, we dedicate our full attention to each and every one of them. 

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Wedding at The Hampton Maid. Couple by the pond


We have created a hassle-free, all-inclusive wedding concept with our Leap of Faith Wedding package. Ideal for couples looking to enjoy the journey leading up to their special day without too much planning or worrying.

Interested in a Leap of Faith Wedding? Contact us at to find out more. 
We look forward to hearing from you!


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Here at The Hampton Maid, we take pride in being foodies. Therefore we understand just how important this part of your event it. Our chefs and their teams will work with you to create the perfect menu that will help define your event.

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