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Hilltop Retreat in the Hamptons

3 beds 2.5 baths, loft/office space, full eat in kitchen with walk in pantry, living room with wood fireplace,

formal dining area seats 12, great entertaining space

2,122 Sq Ft 2 ¼ Acre Lot

Central ac/heat. Outdoor dining with BBQ. High-speed Wifi, Piano, Sonos system. Washer/Dryer, carport 



Imagine escaping to your Swiss Family Robinson treehouse and living the dream, feeling the calm that comes with nesting on hilltops—this hilltop in the heart of the enchanted Hamptons. Experience the life-giving salt air that seasons its very soul—the quiet and solitude that might have inspired Truman Capote to start or finish a book—Jackson Pollack to drip another masterpiece—Hammerstein or Marvin Fisher to finish a score. The house doesn’t sprawl—but it promises to be spacious. It’s not a mansion but has eyes as if veiled with crystals as windows that appear from nowhere and the railed decks, you’ll need to follow the sun as it passes through your trees and over their treetops up where the crow’s nest—no people, mind you, no roads, no ocean and no beaches looking back—do it—vacuum naked—who's to know? But wait, there’s more. If you’re inspired to come down to earth—your living room and its upper office/studio loft are steps away on your private path down the hill to the Hampton’s most celebrated breakfast—which made an appearance in Antil’s Peck Finch Mysteries. You can enjoy an evening’s finer fare there as well. Want a stretch of the legs—move about? The front door of your treehouse is a few minutes ride to the shops in Southampton—a fifteen- or twenty-minute ride to Bridgehampton and Bobby Van’s where the celebrities break bread. Your own treehouse, the perfect escape. Book months in advance—by month for as many months as are available—it’s your party.


To inquire on availability and price please contact Sharon. 
30 day minimum required. Max occupancy 6 guests.
No pets allowed. 




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