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The Hampton Maid, established in 1959, has been welcoming guests at our hotel continuously for 64 years. Family owned & operated, The Hampton Maid offers casual luxury in a serene natural setting, steps away from everything. From resort-style rooms and a breathtaking landscape, to exceptional gourmet meals and attentive staff, there's nothing like it in the Hamptons.

It’s the perfect place to stay, dine, and recharge.



At The Hampton Maid, we believe in giving back. 

A big part of giving back is doing our best to preserve and protect the beautiful grounds we are lucky to be settled on.

We always look at ways to run our daily operations with environment in mind. For us, this means working closely with local farmers and producers. Not only do we try to source locally if we can; we also grow our own produce right here on the property. Since 1972, everything that is compostable from our restaurant ends up in a compost, which is then used to enrich the soil and grow more beautiful and healthy produce. 

Our chefs do their part in limiting waste by using each part of produce they can and by butchering their own meat. Many ingredients are prepared from scratch, from stocks, house-cured meats, bread and more.

The lodging part of The Hampton Maid does not stay far behind. Each room features refillable amenities to help reduce plastic waste. Our suites, which represent nearly a quarter of the guests rooms, are LEED certified. This means they are designed to save energy, water, and lower carbon footprint.

When you visit us, one of the first things you will see are our signature bird houses. The bird houses are built from repurposed scrap wood by one of our owners. You will also find planters and DIY bird house kits from the same material available for purchase. 

Our guests can help us by reusing towels and conserving water.

In the future, we will continue in our effort to remain sustainable and give back.


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