Wedding Catering

Catering is one of the biggest decisions when it comes to planning your wedding day. You will have different types of catering to choose from, and depending on whether or not your venue is all-inclusive, there may be additional vendor communication, planning and cost added to your budget. An all-inclusive venue typically offers catering, full bar and staff and all of these will be included in their pricing.

Where to start?

It is essential that the couple introduces their vision and preferences to the venue and chef. The chef will go over all the details and make useful suggestions while considering the timeline and custom requests if any. All of this should be discussed at the beginning of the planning; this way you can receive an accurate quote and discover all the options. And just like with any other wedding-related services, it’s always good to save ideas and pictures you enjoy and share it with the venue as you start the process.

Drink packages are going to be a big part of the overall cost. Depending on your budget, there are alternatives to full bar - for instance, limiting the choices to beer and wine or wine only. To make the bar selection special, venues or catering companies often offer creating a custom cocktail – which is a great way to make it more you.

Buffet style vs plated?

Both have their pros and cons. Buffet may have more choices, while plated dinner is more convenient and requires more staff. When visiting your venue, ask for both quotes, how many choices are included with each and where the buffet would be located.

What about the cake?

Cake and dessert options are limitless. Having a wedding cake is a beautiful tradition and surely every bride has favorite style and flavor. And why not add something extra? Whether it’s cupcakes or mini cakes, pastries, chocolate fondue or a trendy donut wall. Save the best for last!


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