In search of the perfect Long Island wedding venue

Long Island is without a doubt an ideal wedding destination. It’s not just the beaches and gorgeous blue ocean that make it so unique; Long Island has great climate with lots of days filled with sunshine and charming towns with plenty to do.

The question is – how to decide on the perfect wedding venue? There are many factors to keep in mind, so let’s take it step by step.

What is your ideal wedding venue?

Every bride has a vision and every vision is unique. Don’t be afraid to dream outside the box! Make sure you write down all your ideas so the wedding venue fits all your needs. This is your wedding day and it is important that this place is everything you’ve ever dreamt of and more.

What type and size wedding venue is right for you?

One of the first key decisions is: indoor or outdoor? Rustic or modern? And – how many guests do you plan on inviting? Is it going to be a small, intimate ceremony or a big celebration? Guest list adds up quickly so we recommend having a rough estimate before you start looking for a venue. Even if this is not your final headcount (and most likely at this time it won’t be), but just an estimate will help to determine the right size and overall cost.

What are some must-have features your wedding venue offers?

Accommodation, in-house catering, full bar, flexible menu options, charming scenery for pictures, beach access? These are just some of the essential but key features to consider. What does the venue already have and what needs to be rented/brought in? Do you contact the vendors directly or does the venue take care of it on your behalf? It is good to communicate the basics in advance and please don’t hesitate to ask questions – the more the better! This way your coordinator knows what is important to you and can make helpful suggestions to make the planning go smooth and easy.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing the right place to celebrate love. Take your time and consider everything that is important to you – after all, this is your day and you will know what feels right and which venue will be the one to make your wedding an unforgettable and magical event.


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